So, you’re thinking about painting your RV?

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Lime green, purple, maroon, purple (again), pink, olive green. For as long as I can remember, color has held no bounds when it came to the walls that encompassed my bedroom. Even as a child, I enjoyed the excitement and transformation that a little paint would bring to my own little personal space in our house. I was never one to shy away from moving any direction on the color wheel. So, when we moved into our 2020 Keystone Hideout 308BHDS I knew that the beige interior walls would eventually have to be made my own.

Why I Decided to Paint

wallpaper on fridge matches paint

Inspiration for colorful homes on wheels were hard to come by. I do love the trend that is neutral everything. But it didn’t seem practical to cover every possible surface with white paint. I live in small quarters with two kids that believe “mud” is the fifth universal element, a cat, and a husband who regularly comes home from work covered in concrete dust. I wanted the chore of having to clean the walls be the least amount possible. So, I created my own palate and ran with it. And, if I’m being totally honest, color is just more fun.

Tips for Painting Your RV

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If you have been thinking about refreshing your RV interior with a little paint, here are a few things I would pass along that I learned during the process. Feel free to use these when painting your RV.

  1. If you’re going with color, choose a palate that ensures a steady flow throughout your trailer. Ours encompasses different shades that compliment each other for a fresh and vibrant space. With a common theme, I’m easily able to mix and match decor from room to room as a means to switch things up when I want to subtly update the space. 
  2. What took the absolute longest time was the prep work for each room. Don’t rush or hurry the taping process, as it’s crucial to maintaining clean lines. When I first started, I didn’t anticipate how long this would take. With brick and mortar homes, you generally have four walls, a few windows, and a door. Not in an RV; where there are inch wide trim spaces and cabinets galore.

colors in bedroom

  1. I still needed to touch up certain areas and get over the fact that it wasn’t going to be perfect. Trim and seams move in transition on the road and they’re often not securely attached or even. I used a small artist paint brush for this step. 
  2. Choose a paint that has the primer included, but still prepare yourself to do multiple coats. With the first two rooms that I did, I applied two coats of a white primer and then two coats of the selected color. In our main living area, I purchased a paint that had the primer included, instead. Eliminating the primer process cut down on a lot of time and effort and the color has held up just as well. You should still be prepared to apply at least two coats, regardless.
  3. Choose a good brush and a small roller. I used a four inch roller on larger sections of the walls and I will never use another brush as long as this Valspar Wall & Trim brush is still in production. It worked so well on covering the walls and especially on all of the cutting in and trim work. 
  4. Take your tape off when the paint is dry to the touch. I would recommend around an hour after you’re finished with the last coat-this eliminates any peeling or smudging that can come from waiting any longer or not enough.


paint still in bedroom

  1. There is such a thing as good painting weather! The winter climate here in Arizona has been perfect for getting our RV painted. It’s not too humid or cold and I’m able to open all of our windows and skylights for adequate ventilation. 
  2. Chalkboard walls in RVs aren’t just impossible, they’re totally practical, especially when you’re homeschooling. At first, I was unsure if the chalkboard paint would properly adhere to the vinyl walls, but it turned out fantastic and is a great utilization of wallspace. It can’t fall or move in transition and is the best place to write notes, lists, and teach lessons. I used Krylon Tintable Chalkboard Paint, which I picked up at Lowes and comes in a variety of fun colors!

Pick Your Palette

paint swatches

Painting your RV can seem overwhelming at first, but I am so happy that I took the plunge and painted our RV walls. By taking your time and curating a palate that feels like home, a little paint and patience can totally transform your camper. Does it have to be perfect? No; mine is far from it. Is it definitely a vibe? Yes.

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