Some people have dogs. Some people have cats. Fish are pretty common. There’s even the occasional hamster. We have bunnies. They’re considered an exotic pet because they’re not as common as some of these other pets you see more frequently.

Bunnies aren’t necessarily hard to care for, but they are fragile, they have a unique diet, and they’re very intelligent. In fact, you can litter box train them and you can teach them tricks. They even come when they’re called…if they want to.


I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our bunnies. Prepare yourself for tons of pictures, because they’re cute!


Brownie is a 3 year old male chocolate Dutch.


Blueberry is a 3 year old female blue Dutch.

We got them both from a local breeder in Gardener, Kansas. Neither is show quality, and that’s why he was selling them as pets. We never planned to show them, so we didn’t care.

The Beginning

Brownie and Blueberry are not litter mates or siblings, but they were only born one week apart, so they’re very close in age. They chose us rather than us choosing them. We intended to get two bunnies, because we wanted them to be bonded, but we didn’t intend to get a male and a female, because we didn’t want to breed them.

holding Brownie

We ended up neutering Brownie when he was three months old so we wouldn’t have any babies. He’s much more docile now, and loves to be held and pet, so it was a good decision.

We spent the first few months bonding with them and teaching them how to use the litter box so they could roam free throughout the house. Now they have free reign of the trailer and love it!


They have harnesses and leashes, and every so often, we’ll take them on adventures outside. They like to nibble grass and find places to hide. Naturally, as prey animals, they don’t like being out in the open, so they’ll find the nearest place to burrow.

You can’t walk them like a dog, because they go where they want. Also, they don’t walk, they hop, so they usually end up hopping you.

laying together

In the trailer, they really love to lay next to one another. They cuddle, they clean each other, and they hide just about everywhere. Often, we won’t be able to find them, because they fit in the tiniest spaces!

Brownie on couch

While they like to hide and burrow, they’ve been known to explore. We’ve caught them jumping up on furniture, sniffing around the computers, and they’ve even surprised us several times by jumping up in our laps.

Brownie with computer


When we take them places, we take both of them together. If you take them away from one other, they get confused and upset. They really are in love. It’s pretty sweet.

Smoochie, smoochie, smoothie


Sometimes, we’ll catch them in the act of smooching, and they’ll stop quickly and pretend like they weren’t doing anything.

caught in the act
We weren’t doing anything!



Over time, they’ve developed their own little personalities. Just like any pet, they’re both different and it’s been fun to watch them grow.


Brownie is very relaxed and flexible. He tends to go with the flow. Unless he senses that you’re bothering Blueberry. Then he’s on high alert for when he might need to spring into action. Usually, he takes particular interest when I’m clipping her toenails, because she doesn’t like that much, and he wants to be sure to protect her if he can.

Brownie on back

Brownie likes attention. He’ll beg for it, even. He likes to tug on your pant leg or nudge your ankle if he doesn’t think you’re giving him enough of it. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. He expects you to stop, bend down, and love him.


Blueberry is high strung and fiesty. She doesn’t particularly care if she ever gets pet, unless it’s on her forehead, right between her eyes. Then she collapses into a puddle of furry bunny goo. She’s all yours if you can find the right spot.

Blueberry loaf

Blueberry startles easy, runs a lot, growls, grunts, and puts on a tough front. But if you can find her in her element, she’s typically curled up like a loaf of bread with a head. She’s chunky, and she likes it that way.


Despite their differences, they both love treats. Whether it’s a raisin or a grape, they will both come running when they hear you getting a treat. Scratch that. They will both come running if they hear you open the fridge or the pantry. It doesn’t matter whether you had planned to get them a treat or not.

begging for treats

They’ll be waiting, not so patiently, at your feet, propped up on their hind legs until you finally give in and hand them something. They’ll snatch it and steal away to eat it in peace, all the while dribbling grape juice all over the floor.

both begging

These furry cuties bring us so much joy and laughter. I was hesitant at first, but I’m so glad we decided to add them to our family.

If you have any questions about how we care for our bunnies or how we incorporated them into our fluffle, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Peace, love, and bunny snuggles to all!


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