If you ever find yourself in Tombstone, Arizona, take a step back into the Old West. It’s fun for all ages, and you can certainly spend an entire day roaming the dusty streets, if not longer. This town is full of rich, vibrant history and tons of lore. I’m so thankful we took a day out of our busy schedule to tour Tombstone and all it had to offer.

First Things First, Food

Crystal Palace


Don’t be turned off by the saloons and the old bars. They really are family-friendly! We traveled back in time about 200 years the second we set foot in the Crystal Palace. There were cowboys with pistols playing pool and smoking cigars, there were saloon girl waitresses, and it looked like the wallpaper was original.

They touted having some of the best burger in town, and they weren’t wrong. After our delicious meal, we headed up to the balcony, overlooking Allen Street.

As a side note, if you’re looking for fun towns of the Old West to visit, check out Deadwood, South Dakota, too.

A Stroll Along Allen Street


Walking along the sidewalk, we got to watch horse drawn carriages pulling excited tourists while a Wyatt Earp-looking gentlemen shouted about the shootout happening just down the road. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s time for you to get educated.

Wyatt Earp ok corral

The lawman, Virgil Earp, Wyatt’s brother, was crippled for life as a result of this gunfight, and they reenact the fight for tourists several times a day.

Oriental Saloon

Oliver stood in front of the Oriental Saloon for quite some time. He must have liked the whimsical design. You’ll recognize the name if you’ve ever seen the movie, Tombstone.

The beautiful architecture was quaint and historic, like the first building ever erected in Tombstone., like the Cochise County bank turned visitor’s center. We heard a history of the Birdcage Theatre and witnessed the bullet holes from the gunfights ourselves. We shopped until we dropped at all of the fun souvenir shops.

boothill graveyard

And we got a small glimpse of the grave of Les Moore at the Boothill Cemetery.

That’s about all we did. No less. No more.

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