Our inaugural trip in the fifth wheel was both exciting and nerve-wracking. While Sarah and I had some experience driving trailers, neither one of us had done so over long distances. Fortunately, Sarah’s dad was with us to offer pointers, suggestions, and driving relief when we needed it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our rig, it’s pretty big. Our Jayco Seismic is a 43-foot fifth wheel toy hauler. We pull it with a Ram 3500, which is so powerful it makes it easy to forget you’re pulling a 20,000-pound trailer. But I digress.

Hutchinson, KS

Our first stop was in Hutchinson, KS, at the Lighthouse Landing RV Park. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting a lot, but after staying in a few other places, it’s definitely high on my list.

Due to current circumstances, the host didn’t greet us, but we were able to find our site and hookup with no problems. We had a picnic table and plenty of room between us and the next site. The kids had a playground to run off some energy and there was a small pond to walk around.

Dalhart, TX

Unfortunately, we experienced the exact opposite at our next stop in Dalhart. The staff was friendly enough, but the spots were cramped and poorly marked. It’s not a stretch to say I could stretch out my arms and touch my rig and the neighbor’s RV at the same time.

However, the campground did have an amazing playground for the kids. We spent hours watching them on the teeter-totter, slide, swings, merry-go-round, and basketball court. I doubt we stay there again, but that’s mostly due to lack of space.

In between Dalhart and Albuquerque, we stopped at an Allsup’s gas station to get a burrito. Our pastor, Tracy Roby, raves about these burritos. Admittedly, they were pretty good gas station burritos. Plus, being from KC, we’re not averse to trying food in a gas station, right Joe’s KC? (If you go to Kansas City and don’t have Joe’s KC barbeque, you’re wrong.)

Albuquerque, NM

Moving on, our third stop was intentionally planned for Albuquerque so we could enjoy some tasty Laguna burgers. Our site here was a compromise between our first two campgrounds. We had room between us and our neighbors, but the playground was literally a swing set with a few swings.

While the campsite itself was just okay, the view we had of the sunrise and sunset were spectacular. The site is nestled in a valley, so you get some really great views.

Overall, we had a pleasant trip down, even taking into account the tire that blew right before we got to our campground. We’re thankful for the safety and protection the Lord provided and we’re thankful for the prayers.

We’ll have more for you soon.


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