The first stop of our new adventures is a familiar one, Gold Canyon, Arizona, which is where I’m fairly certain Smashouth was when they talked about walking on the sun.

Technically, Sarah, the kids, and I are in Apache Junction, which is where our campground is located. Most of the time, though, we’re at her mom and dad’s in Gold Canyon.

We’re staying in Lost Dutchman state park, which overall is a pretty nice park. Sarah or I will do a more in-depth review once we get back home, but I have to admit the facilities are better than expected. I do, however, think it’s overpriced, as are many state parks.

Coming down from Kansas City was pretty smooth sailing until about fifteen minutes from our campsite. That was when one of the tires on the RV blew. Fortunately, we were able to find someone to come help us put the spare on.

Once that was done we went ahead and bought six new tires for the RV. It stinks to shell out that kind of money on our first trip, but we figured it’s worth the peace of mind driving home.

We’ll talk more about what we learned and the campsites we stayed at on the way down another time. For now, just know that we’re safe, we’re hot (113-degrees is just absurd), and we’re slowly getting the hang of this being on the road thing.

The plan is to head back to KC sometime next week, but we’ll share more before we get on the road.


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