On our way to Arizona last month, we went to Arches National Park, and it was a blast. We’d been there before, but not with the kids, and we didn’t do any hiking. We simply drove through.

This time, we went, we saw, we hiked. It was awesome. In an attempt to avoid this being a giant photo dump of everything spectacular, I’ll try to explain a little bit about our visit as well. But let’s face it, it’ll probably be mostly pictures.

Our Arrival

north and south windows

We stayed about an hour south of Arches National Park in Monticello, Utah for a couple of reasons. The first is that everything near Arches is insanely expensive. The second is that, well, everything close to Arches is really, really expensive.

Everyone kept telling us how long the lines were to get into Arches, so we weren’t super excited about having to wait. Luckily, when we got there around 2pm, we only had to sit in line for about 15 minutes or so.


The passenger vehicle charge is reasonable, good for 7 days, and well worth it if you plan to spend a lot of time in the park. For your reference, we spent about 4 hours in Arches National Park and still didn’t see it all.

Our Experience in Arches National Park

Ben with arch

At every turn, there’s an arch, a spectacular rock formation, or a breathtaking view. We stopped and hiked the trails, ran through the wilderness, climbed hills, and stood under magnificent arches.

All while I held my breath and prayed that my children didn’t fall to their death doing some ridiculous stunt.

Oliver on rocks

After we fully exhausted ourselves, we went out to eat and then slept like we hadn’t slept all week. If you’ve never been, it’s high time you hop in the camper and go.


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